Roofscape Linz 02

Roofscape Linz 02

Froschberg is already quite nice; many other Europan designs are dealing with sites that would

be quite happy if one day they would be at least a bit like this neighborhood.

At the same time, Froschberg might need a few improvements to tackle the many crises we are

in – lack of housing in appropriate places, climate resilience and social cohesion.

We chose two approaches. First is a modest increase of density of the current

housing stock. In all four types we propose to add one to two floors above the original masonry

structure modernize the existing apartment layout and improve livability by adding terraces, balconies

and ground level yard access. The second strategy deals with the neighborhood’s

streetscape. We are proposing a variety of proven and readily available elements to increase mobility

choices, prioritize pedestrians, cyclists, and people with special needs and use the space optimized

from car-centric right-of-way to storm water infrastructure and neighborhood improvements.






Ing. arch. Bohuslav Šenkýř, Peter Bednár B. Arch, Ing. arch. Andrea Marečková, Ing. arch. Adéla Bartošová